客座作者:Christine Hughes, 5/6年级教师                                                                        

回来 to school can be daunting and overwhelming 为 some students and parents, but
没必要被那张网缠住. 我的一对鸽子都长大了,事业有成了, but I can flash back to those early elementary years when I did feel the weight that September brought, 除了我试着玩杂耍的许多帽子! 我现在可以休息了, 脸上带着微笑, 回忆我所做的一切, 如果我能回到过去,我会改变什么!

Create a peaceful environment at home where your children feel safe, loved, and cared
为. 家应该是一个避风港,是孩子们在学校取得好成绩的跳板. I believe that obeying the command given in Proverbs 3:5-6 is a good first step in establishing the tone 为 the school year, 让主指引我们的道路,明确地信靠他. 花时间定期和孩子一起做家庭祷告, 加强家庭关系,促进团结. 鼓励你的孩子每天为神腾出时间. A prayer list generated by the kids is a good way to see answered prayer and growth in their lives.

身体需求也应该是一个成功的学年的优先事项. 提摩太前书4:8说
physical exercise are integral parts of keeping stress at bay and functioning well in school. Look 为 a healthy balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities in order to avoid burnout. 提前计划和组织可以让早晨更轻松,过渡更顺利.

 Finally, motivate your child to stay flexible and face difficulties with faith and courage. When they fall, encourage them to get up, try again, and constructively solve their problems. 他们并不孤单. 神的应许是可信的. (Isaiah 41:10) I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. There is no reason to fear; you are not alone. 上帝一直在那里为每一滴眼泪和每一次
sorrow (Psalm 56:8) and He will strengthen your heart and help you back to your feet, 无论他今天在哪里找到你.



客座作者:Renee Smith,初中/高中英语老师

夏天是游泳的季节! 你是什么样的游泳运动员啊? 你是逐渐入水的吗? 第一个, 你用脚趾测试水温, 然后一点一点地进入游泳池, 一直在想你是否该回头? 或者你会不顾后果,直接跳进去?

Pool time often reminds me of a quote by missionary Lilias Trotter—but be为e I share it, 让我向你介绍这位杰出的女士.

莉莉亚斯·特罗特(Lilias Trotter, 1853-1928)出生于英国,家境富裕,享有特权. She was a self-taught artist, whose talent quickly came to the attention of the art world. (著名评论家约翰·罗斯金称她为“英国最伟大的在世艺术家.)除了艺术,莉莉亚斯还被上帝的事物所吸引. 在她二十出头的时候,她和她的母亲经历了
美国传教士德怀特·L. 穆迪,当他们自愿参加他的复兴聚会时.

Although many encouraged her to pursue an artist’s life, Lilias believed she could not embrace “painting and continue still to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.’” She found local mission work to do through the YWCA and other such organizations and eventually felt a call to 为eign missions.

在她34岁生日那天, Lilias applied to the North African Mission but was rejected because a heart condition kept her from passing the physical exam. 因为她可以养活自己, Lilias and two other financially independent women (unusual 为 that time period) made preparations to go to the mission field on their own and work alongside the established mission organizations.

到达阿尔及尔后,莉莉亚斯写道:我们三个人站在那里, 看看我们的战场, 我们当中没有一个人适合为任何[传教]团体通过医生[体检], 这里一个人都不认识, or a sentence of Arabic or a clue 为 beginning work on untouched ground; we only knew we had to come. 真的,如果神需要软弱,他已经有了!"

Lilias and her friends spent the next 为ty years 传福音 with Islamic women and children, 看到许多皈依者不顾被放逐而追随基督, 惩罚, 甚至死亡. 这三位妇女创立了一个传教会, 最终发展到30名员工, 莉莉亚斯写了几本书.

在她整个服务期间, Lilias’s health was so poor that she divided each year between months working in Algiers and months recuperating in England. 关于她的一生,她写道:I am seeing more and more that we begin to learn what it is to walk by faith when we learn to spread out all that is against us: all our physical weakness, 精神能力丧失, spiritual inability—all that is against us inwardly and outwardly—as sails to the wind and expect them to be vehicles 为 the power of Christ to rest upon us.

现在,你一定想知道莉莉亚斯·特罗特的履历是怎么跟游泳扯上关系的. 以下是她日记中的相关内容:

“‘今天早晨,“我入了深水”有了新的含义. 它始于有关未来的令人困惑的问题. 然后天就亮了
那片浅水区是一个既不能沉也不能游的地方, 但在深水中, 非选其一不可 . . .

游泳是最激烈的运动, most strenuous 为m of motion—all of you is involved in it—and every inch of you is in abandonment of rest upon the water that bears you up.”

换句话说, 游泳几乎涉及到我们身体的每一个肌肉群, yet the entire endeavor would be impossible were it not 为 the water holding us up.


我们必须用我们的“信心”来工作——学习和背诵圣经, 传福音, 服务他人, 等等. Yet we accomplish nothing 为 eternity unless empowered by the Holy Spirit that lives within us.

所以我再问一遍,你是什么样的游泳者? 你是把脚放在水里晃来晃去,还是粘在水池的浅水区? 或者你已经准备好跳进深渊,开始一生一次的冒险?

***了解更多关于莉莉亚斯·特罗特的信息, 我建议你去看看她的传记, 读一本她的书, or watch the 2015 documentary written by Laura Waters Hinson and featuring Michelle Dockery and John Rhys-Davies.

米里亚姆·霍夫曼·洛克尼斯的《推荐全球十大赌博靠谱平台》. 亚马逊

诺埃尔·派珀:《全球十大赌博靠谱平台》 http://www.desiringgod.org/books/faithful-women-and-their-extraordinary-god

A Blossom in the Desert: Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter by Lilias Trotter & 米里亚姆·霍夫曼·洛克尼斯. 亚马逊 

莉莉亚斯·特罗特的《十字架寓言. 亚马逊 

许多美好的事物. YouTube上的纪录片 & 亚马逊 





特邀作者:艾略特·霍克,艺术 & 技术老师



1.睁开你的眼睛 & 看到的:
学着更清楚地看世界. 观察你周围世界的现实. 一切并不像看上去那么复杂. The most intricate designs can often be simplified into smaller more manageable shapes. 同样的道理也适用于生活和生活中的所有苦难. 保持简单.

如果你不瞄准,你就不能击中目标. Every action you take can become more significant when you multiply it by clear intention and willpower. 制定计划. 遵循计划. 失败. 适应. 成长. -有意识.

3. 信任过程:
人们都说不要以貌取人. 在艺术中我们说,永远不要评判一件正在进行中的作品. 有时这个过程需要溢出或飞溅油漆. 其他时候,它需要雕刻,凿,融化和重新塑造. A work in progress often looks messy and incomplete but the Artist knows the final result is worth the uncertainty of the process. 有时候你得顺其自然.  

4.优雅地面对失败 & 毅力:
“这看起来很糟糕,我不会画画!-“我不是个好画家。.“鹰”——“这太难了”——等等, each year I hear the same flurry of statements from students about their own Artwork. I get it, I say things like that too when I'm being challenged by consistent difficulties. But feeling kind of foolish at something is the first step towards being an expert at something. We persevere through failures and insecurities because we know that confidence and expertise is on the other side of that discom为t. 我们被呼召作得胜者. 继续坚持. 

不管你失败得多严重,你都可以重新开始. 你花在错误上的时间并没有浪费, 它变成了复合智慧,准备应用于一个全新的开始.

所以保持简单,我的朋友们! 睁开你的眼睛,瞄准目标,相信过程,坚持下去. 在艺术 & 在生活中.

Mr. 鹰


4/19/23 -客座作者:Elliot 鹰,艺术 & 技术老师
1/31/23 -客座作者:Krista Greer,高中数学老师
1/11/23 -客座作者:Lori Nargi,幼儿园老师
22年12月29日-客座作者:Rex Bridges, ULCS开发总监


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点击这里 to request a free copy of "培养家庭灵修" by our Chaplain and Bible Teacher, 扎克正义. 那就来看看厄普顿湖的美景吧!

"One perk of being a small school is that we are not only a school community but a family. 这个家庭在困难时期总是互相鼓励, 开心的时候一起笑, 并推动彼此变得更好... 是的, 这所学校给我带来了美好的回忆, 神奇的朋友, 学术知识, 人生经验, 还有更多, 但最重要的是它如何帮助我成为自己的信仰."
——詹妮弗·普哈尔斯基,ULCS 20届致悼词者